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IIP - Product Technical Lead-Big Data/Hadoop

Infosys Anantapur

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Job Description

Performs functional decomposition & overall effort estimation, develops schedule for functionality, provides inputs on quality assurance, identifies risks at a functional level, conducts industry research on best practices, develops high quality codes, pr ovides inputs to technical documentation, tracks & reports on functionality, reviews test cases with an objective to ensure high quality product delivery within guidelines and norms of Infosys Ltd. Areas of Responsibility:
# Client Engagement
# Tech nical Consulting
# Estimation
# Scheduling
# Quality Planning
# Risk Planning
# Design
# Development
# Technical documentation
# Tracking, Control & Report
# Testing/Quality
# Talent/Competency Management

Location of po sting is driven by business requirement

Technology / Skill Sets: Hands on experience in Hadoop, Apache Spark and NoSQL in combination with one of the programming language – Python / Scala/ Java/SQL

ID #2166 Location Anantapur Industry Informational Technology Type Full Time Role IIP - Product Technical Lead-Big Data/Hadoop Career Level Fresher Presence Office

Required Skills

Here’s an overview qualifications you need for this job.

Effective communicators aren’t afraid to ask for clarification if they don’t understand the message they are receiving. When you ask for clearer understanding, it shows that you really care what the person is talking about and ensures the conversation proceeds appropriately. Clarification can come from paraphrasing what you heard the other person say or simply asking him to relay his message in a different way that is easier for you to understand.
People need organizational skills at work to be more productive. Workers who know where to find notes or certain resources can save time. Therefore, they tend to get more done. There are a number of organizational skills for work, including organizing work space and computer files, project scheduling, organizing the work of others, time management skills and prioritizing certain activities..
Job Related
Employees need time management organizational skills to keep track of meetings, appointments, tasks and deadlines. Time management skills will help you stay on schedule with everything you do. Time management skills will also help you avoid the last minute rush to complete tasks, eliminating potential stress in the process. For example, if a product manager requests some information from you at a meeting, take good notes. Later, record that particular activity and make sure you send the information on time. It is best to use an organizer or software scheduler, which usually includes a calendar, daily schedule pages and pages for notes.
Hadoop Apache Spark NoSQL
3 Languages
English (Native)

Aditional Requirements

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1 Years Of experience

Salary & Benefits

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Full Time 25k /Month
Benefits Health The Medical Assistance Program and the Medical Benefit Scheme cover you, your spouse and your children and is a reimbursable amount. You will also be eligible for the Catastrophic Medical Assistance Plan and Mediclaim benefits. Under the Life and Accident cover, you are entitled to the Group Personal Accident Insurance Program, Group Life Insurance Program and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Program. Wealth Infosys also helps you work out a Flexible Spending Account program (FSA) covering: - FSA including Healthcare Account (HFSA) Dependent Care Account (DFSA) - Transportation account for mass transit expenses & qualified business parking - 401(k) retirement savings program - Non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) program for specific set of employees

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Est. In 1981 50+ People 1 Job
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Technology Services Infosys business application services deliver IT-enabled solutions using the Intellectual Property (IP) created at our Centers of Excellence. Infosys DevOps Infosys Global Agile Application development Application maintenance

Contact Details

Infosys Survey No. 210, Manikonda Village, Lingampally, Rangareddy (Dist.), Hyderabad 500 032 +91 40 6642 0000 https://www.infosys.com/ Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
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